Bamboo floors give your home a warm feeling, exotic elegance and can bring style to any room. Mt. View Hardwood Floors is proud to offer expert installation in a variety of styles of Bamboo flooring that will beautify and raise the value of your home.

At Mt. View Hardwood Floors, we’re the bamboo floor experts that Seattle trusts for all their bamboo flooring needs. We are a full service bamboo floor installer and will gladly help you select a gorgeous new bamboo floor for your home or office.

Aside from being beautiful and natural, bamboo is a sustainable resource, so your beautiful floor doesn’t have to come at mother nature’s expense.

The look of your bamboo floors will improve over years of use. However, for maintenance tips that ensure a lifetime of beautiful bamboo floors, we recommend consulting our trained staff of professional bamboo floor installers for advice on how to care for your bamboo floors.

Contact Mt. View Hardwood Floors today for an estimate on bamboo flooring for your home.